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If you want to play beach volley & party in the evenings.

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Why Barcelona to play Beach Volley?

  • All levels, All year long beach volley, International vibe, After beach volley activities​
  • Overcrowded or too hot in the afternoon during summer​

Best time, season, weather to play beach volley in BARCELONA


“”Barcelona is the best place for all year long amateur beach volley for me”​”
jean beach volley
Jean France

FAQ Beach Volley in MANHATTAN BEACH (California, US)

Sept to October, and March to June. I also found February very peaceful – only a few nets on the beach, no cafe, restaurants.

There are several beaches in Barcelona for beach volley (Poblenou, Bogatell, Nova Icaria). There are all made with articificial sand, and well maintained. In most places sand is deep enough for diving without hurting yourself. 

It is super easy. Either come on the beach and ask if players are needed. Or best there are multiple meetup/facebook groups, class for beach volley in barcelona.

@Simply fantastic. Cafes, restaurant on the beach. Small shops nearby. Having a drink on the beach in Barcelona after a long day of beach volley is the best feeling in the world!”

The best is to come by bike. But you can also drive, or take the metro (10 mins walk). When Barcelona’s beaches get to busy to set up a net, you can always head to  Castelldefels beach by train where space is not an issue for a volley net.

Map of MANHATTAN BEACH Beach Volley Spots

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