Beachvolley in Winter

We are at the end of November, in the northern part of Europe, and we have a 2*2 outside beach volley game planned tomorrow at 11am.

Snow Beach Volleyball

Originating as a variant of beach volleyball, the rules of snow volleyball are similar to the beach game.[8] Besides the playing surface, the main differences between snow and beach volleyball are the scoring system and the number of players. As in the beach version, matches were originally best of 3 sets played to 21 points, with two players in a team. In December 2018, the FIVB approved new rules for snow volleyball which changed the scoring system to a best of 3 sets played to 15 points, and the number of players to three starters and one substitute in a team.[12] Another difference is that unlike beach volleyball, a touch off block does not count as one of the three allowed touches, and any player may make the subsequent touch after the block.[11]

Beach Volley

Indoor Beach Volley

Beautiful beach volley indoor Italy

Beachvolley outside in winter

Hat, pants, jacket it is possible to play beach volley outdoor in winter in belgium
diving Socks Shoes that can be used to play on cold sand

Play beach volley in winter

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