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Why BIBIONE Italy to play Beach Volley?

Best time, season, weather to play beach volley in Bibione Italy

"Bibione, Italy, Home of the Mizzuno Beach Volley Open Tournament"
Jean Beach Volley

FAQ Beach Volley in BIBIONE, Italy

Hard to play beach volley in the Winter. Best in spring or summer, 

BIBIONE Beach Italy  sand is perfect for beach volley. The Sea in this part of Italy is not the most transparent but very refreshing after a day of playing.

It really depends on the season. It can be hard in summer to find a place for a net. 

Bibione -is a resort town, not a large city, located in the province of Venice, is a fantastic Italian beach holiday. Bibione is not only about beaches. There are awesome things you can do during the nighttime, too with several bars, restaurants.

Located in the East part of Veneto, at the limits with Friuli Venezia Giulia, Bibione is an island connected from a bridge to the mainland. The closest airport is Venice, from where the best option is to rent a car.

Map of BIBIONE Beach Volley Spots

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