North Avenue Beach Volley Chicago

A Lake Beach with long summer nights to play beach volley

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Why chose North Avenue Beach Chicago to play Beach Volley?

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"The volleyball courts are a great deal here, if you go with friends you can get a court all day for just a few dollars. Arrive early if you want a parking spot, otherwise use public transportation. The path up and down the lake is also great for biking or running."
North Avenue Beach Volley Courts

FAQ Beach Volley Courts in North Avenue Beach - Chicago

Beach is very clean – there are sand-combing machines that rake through the sand almost every day during peak season.

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  1. Hi! Quick question – I am looking to play beach tennis with a group of friends on North or any other Chicago beaches. How does the volleyball court system work? Do I need to bring and set up my own net? Do I need to reserve a court, or is it a first come first serve system? thank you!

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