Phuket Karon Beach Volley (Thailand)

Perfect sand for a game a beach volley. Beautiful Sea to refresh after.

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Why PHUKET KARON BEACH (Thailand) to play Beach Volley?

Best time, season, weather to play beach volley in PHUKET KARON BEACH (Thailand)

"A real treat seeing so many excellent beach volleyball athletes. This beach has the courts to join in and try a game while at the beach. The sand is perfect for a fun pick up game or with family and friends."
Jean Beach Volley

FAQ Beach Volley in Karon Beach Phuket Thailand?

December to March. This is when you’ll get the least amount of rain and the most sun.

Relatively clean beach, with good swimming and plenty of space,

Busy beach with something for everyone, it can be hard to find space for a net. 

Plenty of shops, lovely beach, many restaurants. Good to stay for four days. Very good for nightlife.

Located in south of Cagliari, they are easily accessible by bus, or directly by bike through the salina.

Map of PHUKET KARON Beach Volley Spots

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